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Yiwu Xiangsheng Handicraft Co., Ltd.   [China]
We have 6 years of experience in manufacturing and exporting all range of handicraft cases(CD Case/rack,Comestics Case,Chip Case,luggage case,notebook computer case,etg.)

we have the best quality,the best tech,the best credit,the latest......
Yiwu Dadi Cases & Bags Co., Ltd.   [China]
Yiwu Dadi Cases & Bags Co., Ltd. was found in 2000. Our company is a private enterprise which is located in Yiwu City of China and covers 6,000 square meters of land. We specialize in manufacturing different kinds of cases and bags.

Quanzhou Meifeng Buckles & Buttons Work Co., Ltd.   [China]
Our company is specialized in making various plastic and rubber fastenings and fittings for case, bag, clothes, shoes, cap and so on. Engineering plastic are major raw materials of the products which replace the metal ones with more elegant......
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