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Ningbo Chuangguan Electric Co., Ltd.   [China]
Zhoushan Tianxiang Screw Manufacturing Factory is a famous China Screw Food Extruder Machine Manufacturers and Screw Food Extruder Machine suppliers,we are specializes in manufacturing all kinds of extrusion and injection molding rubber and......
UNI Electrical Holdings Co., Limited   [China]
UNI Electrical Holdings Co., Limited specializes in Products industry for 8 years. As a famous China Products Manufacturers and Products suppliers,It is an industrial and trading company specializing in manufacturing Products wholesale. The......
Ningbo Permanent Magnet Material Co., Ltd.   [China]
Ningbo Permanent Magnet Material Co., Ltd. (PMT), was established in July 2002, the company is located in the beautiful Ningbo seaport. It is a research and development enterprises for high performance NdFeB magnet. According to different c......
Zhejiang Great Electrical Co., Ltd.   [China]
We have our own testing lab and advanced and complete inspection equipment,which can ensure the quality of the products. We focus on developing high-quality products for top-end markets.Our products are in line with international standards,......
Yuyao Shunlong Sprayer & Tech. Co, Ltd.   [China]
Yuyao Shunlong Sprayer & Tech. Co, Ltd throughout note technic development and product innovated, have a professional R&D team, have a complete production system from product design¡úmould making¡úfinished product. Each product have a rationa......
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