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Advertising(141) Auction(125)
Brokerage, Intermediary Service(111) Cargo & Storage(125)
Commercial Service(151) Consulting(145)
Designing, Processing, Custom Made(121) Economic Cooperation(105)
Education & Training(101) Exhibitions & Fairs(105)
Funeral & Interment(101) General Trade Agents(105)
Guard and Emergency Service(101) Inspection & Quality Control Services(105)
Labor & Employment(101) Legal and Public Notary Services(105)
Packaging & Printing Service(111) Passport & Visa(105)
Pawn, Leasing(101) Regional Trade Agents(105)
Repairing(101) Retailing(105)
Service Agent(101) Service Equipment & Supplies(135)
Service Projects(101) Telecommunication & Postal Services(105)
Therapies(101) Translation Services(105)
Travel(101) Undertaking Contracted Projects(105)
Wedding & Ceremony(101) Others(125)
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