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 [Sell] Sell Rotary Piston Vacumm Pump
1) Provided with 5 items patent technology
2) High ultimate pressure exceeding 0.3Pa
3) Low noise: <79dB (A)
4) Stable perfor......
From Jiaoxing Transmission Equipment Co., Ltd.   [China]
 [Sell] Sell Roots Vacuum Pump
1) Preventing oil leaking:
a) Axial swing at the shaft sealing: <0.02mm
b) Using special high quality oil seal
2) Pa......
From Jiaoxing Transmission Equipment Co., Ltd.   [China]
 [Sell] Sell WP Water Pumps
1) Four-stroke OHV petrol engine
2) Compact structure - easy to operate and carry
3) Ideal combustion
4) Widely used f......
From Taizhou Huahe Vehicle Parts Co., Ltd.   [China]
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